Cowgirl Of The Month: Dolly Parton

It's safe to say, everybody has been moved in some way by Dolly Parton - whether it's singing about how life is all take an no giving, or duetting at an after party with your Kenny Rogers, Dolly is an icon and a truth harmonising rock and roll goddess. Seeing the country queen, and Kenny, perform at Glastonbury 2014 really was as amazing as it sounds!

Dolly was born in Tennessee in 1946, born the year after World War 2 and about to go through a life that would witness the 60s feeling peace and love, with the 70s to come hard hitting after that. 

Dolly Parton & Mick Jagger

Dolly Parton and Mick Jagger, 1977, backstage after her Bottom Line concert in NYC, May 14th, 1977. Photographed by Allan Tannenbaum.

She released her debut album in 1967, aged 21, something most can only dream of. Working with stars a many and releasing songs that will be remembered for a lifetime, but not many people look past the popular karaoke classics and dig under the surface of Dolly. Not many people see the consistent years of humanitarian work and care for people, nature and life. She has moved mountains for women by being unapologetically her! 

Dolly Parton

Dripping in gems and jewels, with her signature peroxide big blonde hair, big fake boobs, perfectly lined lips, and nails longer than most of our standards, Dolly has continuously been criticised for her 'tacky' looks. But in true Dolly style she has never changed or backed down and instead has always come back with a very witty, very clever response which have come to be very inspirational in todays world where we feel our every move is judged. 

Dolly Parton inspirational quote

Dolly explains that her 'look' derived from when she was younger and the local town 'tramp' that she idolised for being so beautiful. With her nonjudgemental ways, and her belief in being true to yourself, she stuck by what she wanted to be and made a huge success of it. 

The business woman, respected for her Dollywood Theme Park, is one of the biggest employers in her community. Giving back to her community is something Dolly dreamed about if she were to become successful and both dreams came true. Her other focuses are in supporting others around the world, especially in literacy, with her Dollywood Foundation that sends books to over a million children each month. Dolly has always found the importance in education and has continuously provided opportunities to children to inspire learning; offering them a cash sum for graduating high school to decrease the drop out rate and giving scholarships to high school students in order for them to attend college. 

Dolly Parton western shirt

The country style icon has influenced and inspired people over the decades and will continue to do so throughout time. We are completely obsessed with the rhinestone cowgirl wardrobe and have learnt to feel no shame when wearing exactly what we want to wear. 

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