Festival Season - We've been waiting for you!

There is nothing better than dancing in a field, with your best mates, watching your favourite bands or artists, and finding some new faves too. If we’re lucky enough, the sunshine comes out and makes everything a whole lot better, but growing up at English festivals begs the question…is it really a proper festival without wellies and mud?
As much as we dread it, lets admit it now.

Maybe I’m just jealous of Glastonbury 2017 goers that were prancing around in sandals, when the previous year I was wading (and falling) through the thickest mud you have ever seen in your life! Anyway, I think every festival that comes around, we all pray for a bit of sun and dry fields but we know our chances are preeeetty slim and completely unpredictable.

Festivals are our favourite events of the year. A time for the free-spirits to really let loose, and if your anything like us, bring out your best outfits and accessories. So of course this year is extra special because we have a festival wardrobe to-die-for so we’re going to take you through a couple of key pieces, come rain or shine, that you will look amaze in no.matter.what!

Personally, we’re taking one of everything with us – but we’ve picked a few festival favourites, the ‘headliners’ per say.

The first thing going in our festival bag is the Bowie Ice Blue Jumpsuit. 
Okay, so I’ve had a jumpsuit obsession for a while now and a couple of years ago I bought this to-die-for jumpsuit from ASOS; I took it to Kendal Calling with me and oh my god it really was the best outfit I’ve ever taken to a festival. Comfort, covered, but still pretty cool. It had a straight leg which I tucked into my wellies and allowed to bag over. So every year I’m always on the search for a new jumpsuit… but gals and guys, the wait is over. The Bowie Ice Blue Jumpsuit is made to make you shine. The thin satin material is great for when the sun comes out or for colder weather, layer up with a long sleeve polo neck underneath. Jumpsuits are great to hide thermal tights under also for when the sun doesn't show up. Tuck the pants into your wellies or cowboy boots and allow the jumpsuit to bag over for a relaxed fit.

Next on our list is the Hendrix Suede Poncho.
This was designed specifically with festivals in mind. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, we are excited to see this being rocked on many stages this summer. Although it may not look it, this is probably our most versatile piece at the moment so the styling is really up to you. Over jeans and a long sleeve top, denim shorts and a black polo neck, jeans and a bralet or over a black jumper dress. We know its not always ideal to have your legs out, so we’ve tried to create pieces that make statements whilst still wearing your favourite jeans. We’ll let you work with your wardrobe on this one but we know you will rock this!

So every festival wardrobe needs a bit of bling and our Debbie Embellished Shorts are here just for that!
Available in Black/Silver or White, these glam shorts are easy to style in several ways and ready for a party. Style with your favourite band tee (make it a good one please), a hoody and a leather jacket for warmth. Or with our Dolly Feather Shirt  for a rhinestone cowboy viiiibe. Again, the shorts are easy to layer up and looks really cute worn with a chunky knit with a french tuck (Queer Eye fans, let me hear ya).

And finally but of course not the least, the Patti Grey Faux Suede Fringe Dress.
In a gorgeous soft faux suede and lots of fringing, this dress is perfect for dancing in the fields. This dress was inspired by a photograph we saw of a group of friends at Woodstock in 1969, so we dream about this dress twirling through the fields of Glastonbury. If the sun is shining then it can be worn as is, but if not, this piece is easily layered with your fave band tee underneath or your trusty long sleeve black roll neck. Add a chunky necklace, a western hat and your good to go.

If you would like to see how I have styled these pieces further, you can watch our How To Style Festival edition below.  All outfits have been styled with everyday wardrobe pieces. Hopefully this helps you to pair our pieces with items you already own.

On a personal note, this is the first time I have ever filmed anything like this so please bare with me 😂. It was definitely harder than I imagined and there were definitely more than a couple of mishaps along the way. Annnd after I spent a lot of hours filming, trying to get it perfect, I finally finished, did a little dance and went to review all the videos I had taken. I then realised that over half of the videos had been filmed on really fast pace soooo I just had a million robot videos and had to do them all over again... But I got there in the end!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy and see something that inspires your festival wardrobe.
Please let us know which style is your fave by going to our Instagram (@thewild.uk) and commenting below the vid!
Luv, Harley xxx