Sorry, it was The Rolling Stones...

We just wanted to apologise for being a little quiet recently (but with good reason) and to give you a heads up that there's a lot of cool thaaangs on the way.

Two weeks ago (22 August 2019) I had the amazing blessing of watching The Rolling Stones at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.


It was the most incredible experience of my life and I have been left so inspired, in so many ways - I had so many new ideas coming out of my ears which I couldn't ignore! So in true rock-n-roll style, I decided to re-write Autumn/Winter. 

I have been so blessed through out my life to go to thousands of gigs that have made me smile from ear to ear alllllllll the way through. I have been blessed to experience this whilst watching the biggest rockstars in the world, bands on the up, bands you may unfortunately never come to hear of, and people that I love. I’ve stood next to grown men crying as they watched and sang along with their heroes (The Stone Roses, Heaton Park). I’ve been so hot and sweaty from dancing at shows, I’ve almost fainted (I have actually fainted before, lol). I’ve had the best time of my life at so many gigs and I claim so many to be the best gig I’ve ever been to... because if I really had to choose I just wouldn’t be able to: 

Arctic Monkeys every single time but specifically at Columbiahalle in Berlin, Chic at Castlefield Bowl, Tame Impala every time I’ve seen them, Prince, Foals, Dolly Parton, The Last Shadow Puppets, the list goes on and on. The first time watching Dantevilles, Gathering of Strangers, Gutxi and The Velvet Starship, White Room, Sauce and Saytr Play and being blown away by raw talent. Watching The Blinders go from stage to stage and feeling so so happy! I could go on all day. (You should check these all out if you haven't done already). 

The Rolling Stones was the first time I’ve cried at a gig... almost uncontrollably but I managed to reign it in 😂. We happened to take a trip to LA earlier than planned so we had a quick google, hoping to catch some new bands whilst we were in town. We immediately saw that The Stones were playing their re-scheduled show from May which had to be postponed due to Mick Jagger undergoing heart surgery. Having missed them when they came to Manchester we knew we couldn’t miss them again.

We were completely mesmerised by what we were watching. Hearing how Mick Jagger sings ‘rainbow’ in ‘She’s a rainbow’ in real life gave me goosebumps I’ll never forget.

We were watching The Stones, now in their 70s still rocking, which in itself is inspirational, but as I watched them loving every moment I saw them in their 20s, I saw the men and women stood around us who were once in their 20s reliving the day when they first saw them 50 years ago at their first California gig, in their prime.  I saw the screaming girls of the 60s and fully wished I had been there, crushed against the barriers. My imagination was running wild.

Mick Jagger reportedly danced the equivalent of 12 miles on that stage... and he definitely still has all those dance moves. (I saw Mick Jagger IRL?!)

The Rolling Stones have inspired The Wild so much already, and until now my experience of them has been through reading books, listening to their music, googling Mick Jagger and scrolling through pages and pages of (mainly black and white) images on Pinterest, and other peoples' stories but that night 2 weeks ago inspired me in a whole new way. Maybe it was Mick Jagger's 7 unbelievable outfit changes (that I counted) or one of Ronnie Wood's jackets or Keith's silk shirts but I had so many AMAZING new ideas and I didn't want to wait for next AW to work on them, even though I knew that making changes at this stage would cause delays... but life is too short to wait. I didn’t start The Wild to make money. Obviously I need money to survive but The Wild was started to 1. Follow a dream - I worked in the fashion industry and was quickly losing happiness with struggles of feeling unfulfilled and knowing I could give so much more. I had learnt in hard ways that life is way too short. You can’t sit around waiting to be happy and you can’t sit around waiting for your dreams to happen. I needed to know that I will die having tried. And 2. I was sick of wearing and buying clothes that I felt like I had settled for. Or searching the internet high and low for what I had in my head. So, I basically just wanted to make clothes for myself 😂 and knowing that there are some of you out there that want the same wardrobe dreaminess was a big bonus that made the dream a reality!

So with that being said I didn't want to just pop out another collection. I want it to be puurrrrrfect. I want it to be pieces that you never want to take off. Pieces that make people stop you in the street to find out where your outfit is from. And with my mind being completely blown, that is what y'all are getting! So please definitely stay tuned, even if we seem a lil quiet, we're just busy working away. 

Luv, Harley xxx