"Thanks, it's vintage"

There’s an unexplainable buzz when you find those one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, that feel like they were made just for you. But they’ve already had 40, 50, 60+ years of memories and stories made whilst they were being worn. The things these clothes will have seen, the songs they will have danced to and the stories they could tell. But somehow, in all the world, many years later, they’ve landed in front of you. Ready for you to take them on another story to then pass on when you’ve finished your chapter together.

Its also extremely painful when you see someone wearing something that you L-O-V-E and when you ask them where it's from, they reply.."It's Vintage".
That is heartbreak! But that is the beauty of vintage and it makes it feel so, so special when you find something you can't put down.

For me, I really struggle letting go of clothes. I remember events, specific days and irrelevant moments by what I was wearing at the time. I have a memory box of clothes because some items tell too much of a story. But those that I do give up to charity/thrift stores, I hope they make someone else feel just as good in them.

I’m a pretty good treasure hunter. I get really upset, very quickly if I don’t find any gems but I can usually sniff out the best bits as soon as I walk into a thrift store and I can usually tell as soon as I walk through the door if it is worth my time or not. In my experience, some of the best treasures are always found in the back of someones old wardrobe, where like me, they've saved a memory box of clothes but if you're lucky enough, they have come to the decision it's time to move on.

The Wild Vintage section will be a small, curated and hand-selected collection. A collection of western, 60s and 70s pieces that fit with the brand. This collection will help us be more sustainable on our journey. It allows us to offer more without creating more. Our own brand collections take time to get perfect, so rather than rushing new product in order to keep up with the high-street/other successful brands who launch new product monthly...which can be very intimidating when your a new brand trying to keep up... we can still offer newness with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vintage.  (Another blog will be done soon about sustainability).

We source our vintage from across the world and in this particular collection you will find pieces from Dallas, Los Angeles and the UK. I wonder if the American vintage finds have ever been worn in the UK before, or will this be their first time?

The hardest part about starting a vintage section on the website, is having to give them up. If I could, I would keep all these pieces for myself. That’s the thing about The Wild, there will be no compromise in style so I will only put the best of the best on sale, hence why we hand-select each piece of vintage rather than buy it in bulk.

I have put off adding these pieces to the site for a long time and have loved admiring them on the rail (it has taken A LOT of will power to not sneak them into my own wardrobe) but the purpose of these pieces was always to share with the world! I'm hoping for some good karma back after this. 

So I will be very sad to see these pieces go but I really hope you enjoy.

You can shop our vintage collection by clicking here.

Luv xxx