The Memories Of Festivals Past

With our beloved festival season slowly being cancelled for the year we all thought was going to be ‘THE YEAR', we thought instead of dwelling on the sadness we would remember some of our most favourite festival memories with you and get excited for a bigger and better 2021 festival year.

I am a true festival baby. My first festival was Glastonbury 1994, I was 15 months old (however I think my first experience was definitely more glamping - before glamping was a term - which definitely set the tone for all my future festival expectations).

At my first Glastonbury festival 1994

Me, loving the sunshine in the fields, at my first Glastonbury 1994, 15 months old.

The line up included, Inspiral Carpets, Oasis, Johnny Cash, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Paul Weller, Blur, The Beastie Boys, Pulp, James and Radiohead - as well as many other mega headliners and artists! Weirdly, looking back, all of these artists and bands have somehow been a part of my life in many ways throughout my 27 years. 

Glastonbury 1994 Poster

The poster for the 1994 Glastonbury Line-Up. Can you believe tickets were £59?

A recent Tweet from non-other than Oasis’ very own Paul Arthurs aka. Bonehead, shared some never before seen images from a roll of film he had taken whilst he was on the road with Oasis, including their 1994 Glastonbury debut. Amongst the images of Liam and Noel busking in San Fran, there’s an image of little me and my dad backstage at Glasto. Followed by a photo of Oasis about to enter the stage for their first Glastonbury performance.

Bonehead and Noel Gallagher San Francisco

Harley Boon and Clint Boon, Inspiral Carpets Glastonbury 1994

Oasis Glastonbury 1994

Precisely 40 days after this photo, Definitely Maybe would fly to the top of the charts. Photos credited to Paul Authurs.

Although I was too young to remember my first of many festivals, I feel like this was the most special. Without knowing, it made me into the festival lover I am today, and whilst I sat on my mums shoulders on the Friday night watching Rage Against The Machine, little did she know that Killing In The Name Of would become my alarm clock sound during my high school days so I would get out of bed…worst mistake I ever made. It was also a year to remember for the Glastonbury team with it being the first year it was broadcasted live from Channel 4, and the year the Pyramid Stage burned down 11 days before the event, as well as reports of a shoot out on the Saturday night where 5 people were injured.

It is common to not remember much of your fave festivals, but usually for other reasons. I have been to more festivals than I can count and have the BEST memories of dancing in the fields and having the best times with my family and friends. I couldn’t imagine a year without one… yet here we are (although I am still holding out for Kendal Calling 🤞and will definitely be at the Neighbourhood Weekender in September if all goes to plan).

Miles Kane and Harley Boon

Me and Miles Kane at Neighbourhood Weekender.

Glastonbury 2014 was definitely a stand out year for me.  With headliners, Arcade Fire, Metallica, Kasabian and Dolly Parton on the legends slot. WOW! Dolly was probably the best of the weekend, along with BLONDIE! The whole crowd was amazing and were definitely up for a party, with a group of 50+ yr old women in front of me popping something other than paracetamol...just to set the scene.

But on the Saturday night, stood in amongst the crowd at the Pyramid Stage watching Metallica, I looked to my left and realised I was stood next to Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe and their cool crew. Skye, my little sister, who was 10 at the time, and also loves a dance and a party, started head banging along to Metallica and with Skye being ever so cool, ended up with the whole gang joining her. A moment I will never forget.  

Glastonbury 2014, Elbow on the main stage

Glastonbury 2014, Elbow on The Pyramid Stage with Mark Potter on the big screen behind us. Mark, a family friend, sorted our tickets for us this year so was a nice moment shared with the family!

Glastonbury 2016, the muddiest year EVER. With more sitings of the Glasto regulars and familiar faces  - maybe it's a sign that Alexa, Daisy and I just need to be friends already? A Glasto never to be forgotten with memories of the pain in my abs from laughing constantly, as well as in my legs from walking miles in the thickest, deepest mud. It was also the year that my friends and I, after being completely disappointed with the main headliners of Adele, Coldplay and being 100% certain we would not be sticking around the Pyramid Stage to watch Muse,  but after the first 5 minutes, stood at the top of hill, watching the show and hearing the music, every single 1 of us fell completely in awe during the set. Something we will all never forget. Despite the headliners not being at the top of our list, the line up consisted of lots of music royalty in the form of The Last Shadow Puppets, Foals, Tame Impala, Mac Demarco & more.

Dancing on tables at Glastonbury

Dancing on a table in the Crow's Nest Tent at Glasto, after having a drunk convo with Tame's and Pond's very own Jay Watson.

During Adele, on the Saturday night, my boyfriend and I decided to cut through backstage to get to the other stage to catch New Order, with a pit stop at the bar. Standing at the empty backstage bar, was me, my boyfriend, and non-other than Kevin Parker of Tame Impala wearing a majestic poncho. We were so star struck and didn’t want to bother him after his UNREAL show on The Pyramid Stage just an hour earlier, all we could do was an awkward little smile and nodded at him. KEVIN PARKER AND WE NODDED AT HIM. Looking back, I solidly regret the decision but he nodded back and there was this mutual appreciation there. I then of course turned around and slipped through the mud… 

Backstage The Pyramid Stage Glastonbury 2016

Backstage at a very muddy Glastonbury 2016.

There aren’t many words to sum up Glastonbury but it really is the best place on earth. Its not all about the music either, the lineup may not always appeal to you but there is so much to do and there is so much to cover that you end up not seeing it all anyway and you always end up falling in love with something new, whether thats a new band, comedian, food from a vendor, holistic approach in the green fields or a person.

My other favourite festival is Kendal Calling. We do Kendal every year. My most recent favourite memory at Kendal was last year, 2019, when there was a secret set in Tim Peaks Diner. Now, there’s a secret set every year at the Diner and usually it is the worst kept secret EVER. The year before was a ‘secret’ Libertines set which meant the crowd surrounded the area of the Diner and unless you had been there for hours, you weren’t getting in.

However, 2019, no one had heard a peep. Until, on our way to our next set, we had a little bird whisper in our ear that there was to be a secret set of all secret sets. 5 minutes before the start of the set, the Diner was still only half full. Everyone in the room knew who was about to show up, but it just seemed crazy to me that there was a festival of thousands of people outside that had no idea the legend that was about to walk in and do a very intimate live interview podcast with Q&A. How close have you ever been to Nile Rodgers? Chic were headlining on the Friday night and at 6pm, just hours before they were due to WOW the stage and there we were, stood 6ft away from the legend Mr Rodgers. The goosebumps were real listening to him talk about his life and experiences with other heroes such as Grace Jones, David Bowie and Madonna. When the Q&A came at the end I was stood next to a girl who took the time to Thank Nile for being there when one of her closest friends had passed away. She told him how his music saved her whole group of friends through the worst time of their lives. I saw her later that night, dancing on stage with her idol and the rest of Chic for Everybody Dance. It was beautiful.

Chic are another bucket list band to see if you haven’t already. I’ve see them 3 times and would see them a million times more if I could. They always bring the dance! Close friends of ours went to a Chic gig on their first date (best first date ever?) and now make every effort to see them together when they have a show!

Nile Rodgers at Kendal Calling Secret Set

You can listen to conversation on The Two Shot Podcast here.

Kendal Calling 2017 was also a very special year, a year where the stages were filled with many of my dear friends across the festival, doing what they love and do best. With Dantevilles bagging a main stage slot (AMAZING) and Saytr Play absolutely killing the Woodlands Stage - so much so I think they will be or should be asked back every year to follow, as well as Sauce smashing out the tunes and riffs in the House Party tent, it was such an amazing weekend to celebrate all of my friends achievements, with many of my fave memories with my friends coming from this festival

Dantevilles on the Main Stage at Kendal Calling 2017

The boys killing it on the main stage and making us all so proud!

Our nights were filled with a dance at the Silent Disco. Kendal has the best Silent Disco, in the middle of the woodlands with tune after tune on both channels. Dancing in the pissing down rain with zero cares in the world. The weekend at Kendal Calling always ends with a last dance in The House Party tent where my Dad closes the service with 4 hours of pure tunes and we always end up on the stage, probably embarrassing ourselves, having a good ol' dance!

Silent Disco at Kendal Calling

Dancing at the silent disco in the forest at Kendal Calling.

A few months later, I get a message on Facebook from a guy telling me he has found my ID in Cardiff... I've never been to Cardiff in my life so I was very confused, until he said that he works on sites building festival stages and found my id amongst a stage he was setting up... I can only assume it was The House Party stage, travelling the country for it's next boogie.

And then we have 2019 - the year of The Wild. This was the festival season I had dreamed about. When I was finally able to wear my on clothing line to my favourite festivals. From the Hendrix Suede Poncho's first proper outing, with many a compliments I must say, to the Patti Faux Suede Fringe Dress whilst dancing to The Strokes at All Points East, it really was a season to remember and I am so, so excited for the ones to come. With more outfits, more friends, more laughter, more memories, hopefully more sun and always more music.  

The Wild at Kendal Calling wearing the Hendrix Suede Poncho

Wearing our Hendrix Suede Poncho at Kendal Calling 2019. Much muddier than my first ever festival.

Backstage at Kendal Calling wearing The Wild Tabatha Kimono Dress

Wearing our Tabatha Kimono Dress, a couple of moments before seeing the legend Nile Rodgers in conversation.

Wearing the Patti Fringe Suede Dress at All Points East

Wearing our Patti Faux Suede Fringe Dress in the crowd post The Strokes at All Points East.