The Wild & The Rockstar: Vol 1 Fred Farrell // Saytr Play

At The Wild we don’t believe in rules; fashion rules, music rules, gender rules. Wear what you want, listen to what you want and be what you want (as long as that includes being a good, kind and more conscious human being). 

Fred Farrell, front man of Manchester's much loved Saytr Play, gave us a visit and tried on his favourite pieces from our collection.

If you've seen Saytr Play live, you'll know how much energy fills any room that they play in. Fred embodies the spirit of a rockstar naturally and always looks the part too. From lace shirts, no shirts and boiler suits, Fred was the perfect choice to model our collection. His accessories are always conversation stopping - 'I LOVE that ring', 'Oh my god, your shoes!' - which were a match made in heaven when we dressed Fred up in The Wild. 

The photoshoot happened at The Wild ranch, shot by Conner Dixon on a Mamiya RZ67, a 120mm film camera. This was the first film photoshoot we had done for The Wild and definitely won't be the last. The process of capturing a moment on a film camera is beautiful. The count down to the perfect shot - three, two, one - filled the room with so much excitement. Every shot counts.

Fred in the Hendrix Suede Poncho.

Hendrix Grey Suede Poncho 

This was the first piece designed at The Wild; designed with the rockstar in mind, so this was naturally the first piece we shot on Fred. The poncho was envisioned to be worn at festivals, dancing in the fields and of course rocked on-stage. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix with an added western edge, seeing the up-and-coming rockstars of our generation wear this piece feels like a dream for us.

Hendrix Grey Suede Poncho

Worn with a pair of black tapered trousers and styled with Fred’s killer jewellery and of course his tattoos.

Hendrix Grey Suede Poncho

Rocking the Jagger Animal Print Maxi Dress.

Jagger Animal Print Plunge Maxi Dress Gender Fluid Fashion

As an amazing friend and a huge advocate of The Wild, Fred and I had many conversations about this photoshoot a while before we managed to arrange it, so we knew exactly how we wanted this shoot to look. The Jagger Animal Print Maxi Dress was one of the most exciting pieces for this shoot and basically where the inspiration for the whole shoot started. 

Jagger Animal Print Plunge Maxi Dress Gender Fluid Fashion

The dress had not yet been released on the website but I knew it was a killer dress and I wanted to show the 'dress' in a whole different light - as I said at the beginning, we don't believe in rules. 

Jagger Animal Print Plunge Dress Gender Fluid Fashion

The Jagger Animal Print Dress was styled over trousers and a pair of creepers for a look fit for a King or Queen. 

Featuring the Bowie Jumpsuit.

Bowie Ice Blue Jumpsuit Gender Fluid Fashion

There are many reasons why this jumpsuit is named the Bowie Jumpsuit. Bowie is a huge inspiration and if he’s not one of yours then I seriously suggest delving into the vast and amazing universe of David Bowie. I read a quote the other day that stated “If he’s never struck a chord with you, then it’s likely you just haven’t heard the right Bowie.” If you are a Bowie fan, you’ll most likely know of a similar image to that of Fred above … a key image in all of our mood boards from day one and another vital piece of inspo for the shoot. 

Bowie Ice Blue Jumpsuit Gender Fluid Fashion
All of our pieces are named after artists that inspire us, with the relationship between fashion and music an important part of where we started; as a brand and as individuals. Music and Fashion are what we experiment with to find out who we are, they offer ways to express ourselves, and to create an identity. Both can change your whole mood for the better.
(Or the worse when your getting ready for a night out and have NOTHING to wear.)

 Styled in the Iggy Embellished Top.

Iggy Embellished Beaded Top Gender Fluid Fashion

Being from Manchester has a lot of influence on both your music and fashion tastes, as well as your attitude. There’s definitely something in the water here. The bands what have been and the bands emerging are special.

Iggy Embellished Beaded Top Gender Fluid Fashion
Forgive us if we are speaking out of turn, but for as long as I have grown up and from the beginning of my fashion career, it has always been about London. At the first chance anyone gets, its always been about going South. 
But why?
I am guilty of it, however I never made it to London even though I was so desperate to go but now I am so thankful for that. What we have in Manchester is so special. The friendships between complete strangers that grow so quickly out of a love of music is something that I have seen and experienced so many times and the style of the Manchester girls and guys (whether born here or living here) is complete and utter FIRE! And the best part is we don’t care what you think or you think. 

We have a Manchester style and its coming through stronger than ever, and I’m not talking about parkas, bucket hats and a Gallagher hair cut (although I am still a fan). We are so much more than that and we are completely rocking it, Manchester! Nothing I love more than going out on a Saturday night (usually Jimmy’s) and seeing everyone in coloured suits, jazzy trousers, 70s print shirts, zebra print, leather jackets, penny lane coats etc.etc.

Iggy Embellished Beaded Top Gender Fluid Fashion

The Iggy is the perfect party top. For me, it is what I imagine rockstars of the 70s wearing as they crawl around a stage, tattoos showing under the sheer mesh and styled with tight leather pants or of course leopard print ones, until shortly into their set they end up topless. Which was the complete inspo behind this look.  

Wearing the Dolly Feather Shirt.

Dolly Feather White Shirt Gender Fluid Fashion

Our fave rhinestone cowboy piece from the collection. Of course, the western trend has been huge recently and will continue to be for a couple more seasons, however it's not just a trend for us. Being half Texan, I was wearing cowboy boots to college (in Manchester) 10 years ago and would get served some very funny looks, like no one had seen anything other than an Ugg boot before. Cowgirl is in my blood so will be apart of us forever (we're not ones to follow tends).  

Dolly Feather White Shirt Gender Fluid Fashion

After falling in love with the Dolly on shoot, Fred rocked it at their set at Corbridge Festival, where of course they absolutely rocked it. Saytr Play go on tour at the end of November so make sure you check them won't regret it.

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