Rock n' Roll glam meets bohemian chic, with a 70s groove and a wild western spirit. 

The Wild, founded by friends Harley and Harriet, is a collaboration of style, creativity and friendship. With experience in the fashion industry, both had big dreams to create something amazing that they felt was missing in the affordable fashion world… a brand for people like them and their friends who so often struggled to find those statement wardrobe pieces.

And so, they created a clothing brand for the wild ones; the dreamers and the ravers, the music lovers and the peace seekers. From back stage outfits, on-stage outfits and glam festival wear, The Wild embeds a strong rock n roll spirit with a definite bohemian heart. With strong influences from the 70s, there is a unique and eclectic spirit across The Wilds’ vision.

Based in Manchester, UK, with a huge music culture and history, the pair spend most of their free time at gigs and embedding themselves into the city's soul which they hope to reflect into the brand, as well as influences from their worldly travels. Most specifically, Harley’s Texan roots will not be unnoticed whilst Harriet's recent wanderlust adventure amplifies the boho vibe.

The Wild is not just an online boutique, but a community, bringing like minded people together and opening conversations to make this a more personable journey for everyone.

So get in touch on socials, over email or at one of The Wild’s events as we would love to meet all of the wild ones.

Luv x 

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